Diversity About More Than Just Checking Off Boxes, According to One CU’s CEO

LAS VEGAS – Diversity means more than just being an equal opportunity employer. Instead, Diversity inspires creativity and innovation, promotes productivity and attracts loyal consumers, according to one credit union CEO.

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In the latest episode of The Strategic Hotbox, Ronaldo Hardy, an expert in diversity and inclusion and CEO of Southwest Louisiana Credit Union, discusses how leaders can create cultural competency within their organizations with host Dr. Brandi Stankovic.

“Diversity, inclusion and equity are a package,” Hardy says during the podcast. “Diversity is the recognition of the differences within people. Inclusion is ensuring there is an environment that people are a part of the experience and equity is not only hearing other people’s voice but giving them a seat at the table to help drive the strategy of the organization.”

The episode can be found here.

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